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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Dubai, as one of the world’s highly favored sailfish destinations, Little Nemo fishing enthusiasts from every look and corner of the globe throughout the year. No matter you’re here in summer or winter, hop on to Rayna’s well-equipped fishing boat to explore the Arabian Gulf’s deep waters teeming with exuberant marine life and experience the joy as well as the thrill of fishing at its best. 

Departing from our location, our conscientiously maintained fishing boat - hosted by the expertly trained crew - will guide you through the region’s best fishing grounds while treating you to some of the most scenic spots. Apart from elusive sailfish, you will get the opportunity to catch plenty of other fish species, such as barracuda, kingfish, red snapper, shark, grouper and queenfish. 


Whether you are a beginner or an expert angler, we will tailor your fishing adventure charters to match your skill levels and unique requirements. 


Based on your request, We can arrange pick up from other emirates for an extra surcharge. 

Go Fishing

Imagine a huge fish dangling from the end of the line. Now, make that a humongous barracuda held up high by a proud fisherman to the awe of his admirers! You look up and see that it is None other than YOU. Watch yourself turn into the 5-year-old who caught his very first fish! Rekindle the magic of the memory in a majestic place-here in Dubai

Fun Under The Sun! Fishing is a passion that brings along a sense of excitement being in the open sea and the joy that the fresh ocean breeze brings. The possibility of catching tuna, snapper, and a variety of the most challenging fish species is enticing and quite popular among locals and tourists alike. Deep-sea fishing in Dubai is the perfect activity everyone will enjoy. Seasoned anglers will be delighted to show off and improve their techniques, while those who embarked on their first-time fishing journey are bound to never forget!

Your shipmaster is an experienced deep-sea fisherman who'll never run out of interesting stories to tell and fishing expertise to share. There's a lot to learn from your leader soon as your fishing tour begins from Dubai and your boat sails out into the open sea.

When do we fish? Although fishing is an all year activity, the fishing season in Dubai generally lasts from November until May. The best time is January to March. The best time to go deep sea fishing in Dubai is early morning, starting around 6 AM. In the winter months, you can get quite a decent catch in the afternoon slot (2-6pm) as well.

What do we fish? There are seasonal fluctuations across and different fish are caught in different months. For trolling, the varieties include barracuda, kingfish, trevally, cobia & blue-fin tuna. While bottom fishing, the most common catch is Sherri(Emperor Bream), Sultan Ibrahim (Goat Fish/Red Mullet) and Hamour (Grouper). If you are really lucky, you might just hook a Jas or Mackarel during your fishing trip.

How do we fish? With complimentary advanced fishing equipment on board, each modern vessel is equipped with SONAR innovation to scan the seas to your convenience. Our captains have designated “spots” on their GPS that are ideal areas for fishing in the sea. These have been developed through years of fishing & experience. The most common & effective bait used for bottom fishing is squid & small shrimp. For trolling, the best kind of bait to use is ‘rapala’, an artificial fish mock-up.

What should you bring? For any yacht trip in Dubai we recommend the guests to bring along sunscreen lotions, sea sickness pills and some nibbles. The ideal outfit would be Long Sleeve Shirts/t-Shirts and Warm Clothing in Winter Months. Don’t forget your camera to capture that grin when you hook em! Hop aboard for the most memorable fishing trip in Dubai surrounded by people who matter most.


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